First Bitcoin transaction into space

If not the price, then make a Bitcoin transaction: Bitcoin to the Moon! The Bitcoin Mining cloud provider Genesis Mining * sent the probably first Bitcoin transaction in the universe within a marketing campaign. When action Bitcoin was sent to the bigger picture of the world. The transactions were carried out once in 20 km and a second time in 34 km altitude.

The campaign ran under the name “To the Moon”. Here, a Bitcoin was mounted 3D model and a valid Bitcoin Wallet Paper on a weather balloon which was then sent gen Space. Recorded was the breathtaking journey through a GoPro Cam * has been previously packed securely in a styrofoam box. From where the weather balloon was sent with the digital cargo into space is not known. We know only that the balloon was launched from the UK. The first transaction-actuated Genesis Mining from height of 20 kilometers (Armstrong limit) and another at 34 kilometers altitude. The transaction can be viewed on the block chain here.

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