Gaming giant G2A now accept Bitcoin

g2aG2A.COM, the fastest growing digital gaming marketplace in the world, has invested in the past two years more than 20 million Euros in research and development in order in the face of 6 million individual users over 5 million transactions worldwide in 2014 for secure and guaranteed online to care initiatives. G2A had been an average of over 700,000 transactions a month in the year 2015th

Bartosz Skwarczek, CEO of G2A, confirmed yet that G2A will accept on its marketplace G2A.COM Bitcoin payments. G2A has teamed up for the processing of his Bitcoin transactions with BitPay, the leading provider in the field of corporate payment processing.

G2A is a leading provider in digital gaming. The company offers a secure and efficient method for transactions for digital products such as games, software activation licenses for Steam, Xbox Live cards PSN codes and time cards for online games. G2A.COM served annually over 4,000,000 new customers and recorded worldwide over 10 million transactions annually.

Bob Voermans, director for Global Payments at G2A.COM, said that G2A.COM is very pleased to confirm BitPay as a trustworthy partner. BitPay is now part of the offer of G2APAY. Adding Bitcoin buyers and sellers in G2A now benefit from another excellent global payment method. Voermans concluded, “I guess this partnership will drive growth for the seller, as customers are now more likely to buy in the marketplace G2A.COM.

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