JP Morgan railed again against Bitcoin

After the Bitcoin had resumed momentum, of course, many skeptical voices are also loud again. Even the part of the US bank JP Morgan Chase has once again taunting vigorously against the crypto currency.

The head of the largest US bank JP Morgan Chase is known for its pithy sayings. And that he’s a big skeptic of crypto currency Bitcoin, it must actually prove anyone. Nevertheless, it did Jamie Dimon last week again. During the financial conference Fortune Global Forum he has vehemently railed against the digital money. “It is simply not going to happen, you are wasting your time,” grumbled the bench boss in the direction of those who hope that the Bitcoin someday matures into an important and universal usable currency.

With his statements the commander in chief of JP Morgan bursts bluntly in the party mood of all investors who directed in recent weeks their money in the cyber currency and the price of Bitcoin by a whopping 100 percent to its highest level of the year have had to rise. Short term, the value of a Bitcoin was even climbed back above the mark of 500 dollars, as the New York Times reported. This corresponds to the highest price tag half years.

But the JP Morgan Chase Banker Dimon wipes the recent price rally unceremoniously aside. Probably infected anyway obscure or even illegal money behind the price rise, he is convinced. Yet politicians would join the game and support “innovation from Silicon Valley”. But there will come a time, so Dimon when turn on the judiciary and make the independent and uncontrolled cryptocurrency finished off going. Once the Ministry of Justice say that Bitcoin is an illegal currency, it had happened to this cyber money. No government would not tolerate uncontrolled currency long time, Dimon’s safe.
However, could the technology that lies the Bitcoin underlying certainly be used again, “to tansportieren to funds,” added Dimon. Then there’ll be but not about Bitcoin, but the US dollar or any other government currency.

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