Not just a job but a dream for Bitcoin enthusiasts

BitcoinGet paid to live on Bitcoin for one month? That’s sound to good to be true but it’s a real offer by the Bitcoin startup Brawker. On Coinality they published the job offer to highlight the benefits of Bitcoin and of course of their own platform. So the trainee will be given $ 2,500 worth of Bitcoins and he/she could buy everything that he/she needs during the month. As a quit pro quo the trainee has to share the experience in social media like Twitter and Youtube.

In the job offer they say:

We are looking for a social media savvy Bitcoin enthusiast for a unique internship opportunity. All you have to do is live on Bitcoin alone for an entire month at the company’s expense. You would pay for your usual daily expenditures: your rent, your electricity, your groceries etc. . . Most of these items will be paid through Brawker but you can also patronize establishments that accept Bitcoin.  We will provide you with up to $2,500 worth of bitcoins to spend on these things you buy every month.

But nothing happens without any ulterior motive. So Brawker want to show how easy it could be to live with Bitcoin AND their platform. Brawker offer a way for Bitcoin owners to buy anything on the internet with their bitcoins also things that could not be paid with Bitcoin on the first look. On top of that they allow the Bitcoin community to save up to 20 percent on every purchase.

Would that be a good job for you? Do you think that it works?

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