Do you know VeriCoin?

Vericoin altcoinThere are many altcoins out there. Some of them are boring, some of them are funny and some are interesting. We would like to intodruce the variety of crypto-currencies to you and take a look at some altcoins and there visions. VeriCoin belongs to the interesting altcoins in our opinion because¬†you can spend VeriCoin where Bitcoin is accepted. So it’s easy to integrate VeriCoin in your day-to-day life.

Crypto-currencies are rich of technology and complexity but most of them are not so easy to use. VeriCoin ist taking advantage of this largely untapped potential and release a innovative feature that makes it possible for the better part of the world to use VeriCoin nearly regardless of class and country. With VeriSMS they give out a text message based wallet system that links the cell network to the VeriCoin network. So it’s possible to send and receive VeriCoin from phone number to phone number without touching a computer.

With VeriBit it is possible to spend VeriCoin anywhere Bitcoin is accepted. This includes hundreds of thousands of businesses around the world. And it’s easy to spend Vericoin where Bitcoin is accepted. So VeriBit is a service which accepts VeriCoin payment for Bitcoin transactions. Currently it’s restricted to 1.0 BTC sends but this restriction will be lifted in the future.

VeriCoin has much more features that could be interesting for you – so take a look at the video introduction and the website for further informations.

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