Kraken has bought Glidera

San Francisco-based digital currencies exchange Kraken has bought the Wallet service provider Glidera. Glidera is thus involved in a large number of start-ups, which have already been swallowed by the giant of the industry. Financial details about the deal were however announced.

It was only in January that Kraken announced that he had bought the New York-based stock exchange. Coinsetter previously purchased CAVirtex in April 2015. In June then came the second purchase: The Dutch Bitcoin-BörseCleverCoin. The service provider Glidera allows its users to purchase Bitcoin, which can then be sent to a wallet of their choice. Glidera herself is to be christened “Kraken Direct” in the future. The service should be available to all Kraken users.

In an opinion, Kraken CEO Jesse Powell said the deal would be the perfect year-end: “In 2016, we were able to post a breathtaking growth in all branches of business. With the acquisition of Glidera, now Kraken Direct, we are looking at an even more promising year 2017 “. In addition to Kraken acquisitions, there were other interesting acquisitions this year: the purchase of BitInvest by Foxbit and the purchase of Coinmotion by the Finnish broker Prasos.

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