Kraken will start Ops in Japan

KrakenSince the collapse of Mt. Gox Japan needs a new Bitcoin exchange – and Kraken wants to fullfill this need. So the Bitcoin exchange will start by the end of October operating in Japan with a more secure service than Mt. Gox. After the crash of Mt. Gox the public confidence in Bitcoin took a hit in Japan. Since these days a few exchanges have popped up in Japan – but non of them could follow in the steps of the exchange that was one of the world’s biggest Bitcoin market place.

Kraken started trading in September 2013 and becom one of the main exchanges for euro-denominated transactions during this short time. They servicng customers in Japan yet, but international money transfers from Japanese banks are subject to high fees. So starting in Japan will have consequent benefits for the customers. Jesse Powell, CEO of Kraken said:

“Our experience and proven track record of competence, security, compliance and technological robustness would be great reasons to use Kraken,”

Supporte of Bitcoin hope that the entray of Kraken in Japan will accelerate the acceptance of Bitcoin in Japan. In these days many Japanese companies have no plants to accept Bitcoin. They think that crypto-currencies are a gray zone and they don’t want to start with it. If Kraken become success, the opinion could change.

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