Manipulated Bitcoin software?

The Bitcoin project believes that the release of the next software version 0.13.0 threatened by state actors. On the project’s website, there is a corresponding security warning. The project calls on all users to check the downloaded software always means hash. Users in China are threatened in a special way. as project myself “not the necessary technical resources to ensure that we can protect ourselves against attacks of this caliber.” Therefore, the users are asked.

If users would not careful, the Wallets could be compromised by malicious software content. Careless behavior of users could but also allow attacks on the Bitcoin network as a whole. “This malicious software could put your computer to participate in attacks on the Bitcoin network,” it says in the blog post.

Details on the nature, extent and possible author of the attacks does not mention the project. Much of the mining resources – and ultimately the decision in the Bitcoin network – is located in China. Whether the reference to the particular vulnerability of Chinese users implies the participation of the Chinese government, is unclear. The Bitcoin project uses in this case the same vague language how many security companies, when they speak of “State-Sponsored-Attacks”.

Companies such as Google, Facebook and Twitter to warn users if they believe that they are attacked by state actors. Details such as “Indicators of Compromise” are not usually supplied. In an interview with said Mikko Hypponen of F-Secure, the reference to State attacker would be quite a grateful explanation for security companies, if they can not stop a particular threat.

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