Microsoft believes in Bitcoin

Yesterday the news that Microsoft accept Bitcoin as a payment method for the windows store and the XBox went around the world. But that seems to be just a first step for Microsoft. Microsoft track aggressive plans with Bitcoin and want more than make it able to pay with the crypto-currency in the US. So Microsoft has a longterm vision with Bitcoin and the Blockchain and want to do more. With BitPay as a partner by their side they want to launch worldwide products. And with this they want to show that they are not so outdated as it seems.

Microsoft is very enthusiastic in Bitcoin. Before they have the first meeting with BitPay, they made theier homeworks and were well-prepared. So the first meeting was three months ago and there they talk about products and solutions. Before the contracts were signed they completed the integration and the work was done in the november vacations.

Microsoft consider that the integration of Bitcoin as a payment method is just the first step of a huge plan. There is a big interest on the technology behind Bitcoin, too. So BitPay works with Microsoft to realize a worldwide rollout soon. And we all can be courios what Microsoft plans for the future with Bitcoin and the Blockchain technology.

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