Microsoft finished Bitcoin Experiment

Microsoft has set its experiment with Bitcoin payments partially which was launched end of 2014. Immediately it accepts the crypto currency no longer on the purchase of software or hardware and not the acquisition of music or videos on the Xbox. This is true but apparently only for the stores of Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile.

“You can no longer transmit Bitcoin on your Microsoft account,” the company announced. “Existing credits on the account continues for purchases at the Microsoft Store are available, but will not be reimbursed.” A reason for the adjustment of payment method does not name Microsoft. User reports, the end of the Bitcoin support does not apply to Xbox accounts. Here Bitcoin should be still transmitted via BitPay to pay it.

Microsoft had introduced the possibility of Bitcoin payments in December 2014 in the USA. In this way in the Windows store Xbox games and mobile services were initially purchase. Instead a direct payment by Bitcoin Microsoft offered but only the option to transfer Bitcoin after prepaid method to a Microsoft account to pay later with the dollar equivalent. Even then was that transmitted to a Microsoft account Bitcoin could not be refunded. In addition, Microsoft put a transfer limit of $ 1000 per day for a single account, and $ 5,000 for multiple accounts of a person.

In mid-February announced Microsoft to expand its blockchain-as-a-service offering (BaaS) under Azure. In spring Azure BaaS will be upscaled to a “market for certified Blockchains”. Currently it provides Microsoft customers a sandbox ready to try blockchain techniques of all kinds. Blockchains were known by Bitcoin, but are not limited to digital currencies. Rather, other business services can be automated and made more transparent about stock trading and other financial services.

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