Microsoft rowing back

Yesterday we wrote about Microsoft is finishing it’s Bitcoin experiment. Today everything looks very different! Microsoft has published an “erroneous” Statement on Bitcoin support. But as a payment we can not select the cryptocurrency yet .Microsoft has removed the support for Bitcoins from its App Store. Soon, however, everything should run as usual, a corresponding statement was erroneously posted and contained false information, the company says now.

In the Windows Store FAQs there was the following note: “The Microsoft Store does not accept Bitcoins, you can not add a Bitcoin balances more existing credit can be consumed but not paid…” Now runs to the original link to Microsoft’s overall support site. In a statement, Microsoft now says that “we support Bitcoin continue to add credit to Microsoft account, which can then be used for purchases in Windows and the Xbox store.” In Microsoft account but we can still select only debit, credit card or Paypal as payment options. When the option is therefore added back is unclear.

Microsoft had added support in, 2014. At that time they saw no problem in that Bitcoin is “not mainstream”. To process the company uses Microsoft Bitpay.

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