Miners Center gives away “real” Bitcoin wallets

Miners Center charge the charts again with his latest range of sellers of Bitcoins: Miners Center offers not only 10% higher than the official blockchain exchange rate for all Bitcoins, which it buys, but the company adds to all transactions of more than 10 BTC still a surprise gift.The creative marketing team of Miners Center has come up in the face of the imminent celebrations something special and provides for each transaction of more than 10 BTC a special gift: a real Bitcoin wallet. The process is simple: Every seller of over 10 BTC in one transaction will be asked for his mailing address and Miners Center sends the gift worldwide by parcel post to.

Glenn Chapman, Marketing Director at Miners Center, is excited about this latest gift idea and is very confident that the players will be similar to a real purse in recognition of the settlement of transactions with Miners Center record positive in the market for cryptocurrency an instrument – for secure transactions the worldwide buying and selling with Bitcoins.

‘In this way we offer our customers something material, tangible that is associated with this virtual, non-material coin. We believe that it’s great to get Bitcoins with this familiar feeling of directly touchable money in conjunction, and that our advertising campaign with real purses just appeals to those people who are still a little unsure when using Bitcoins’ said Glen Chapman continue.

Miners Center Inc. is a Delaware (USA) based company that deals with cryptocurrency. It was founded and built by risk-taking investment professionals that a business opportunity beyond the traditional capital markets recognized in the crypto currency and to trade with cryptocurrency as medium- and long-term.

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