Miners Center makes attractive offer

Screenshot (2)Miners Center Inc., a resident in Delaware dealer of cryptocurrency, announced that it has submitted an offer for bitcoin sellers, while at the same time announced his new policy and projects for investments with cryptocurrency. The company announced a highly attractive offer for the Bitcoin trading off with a purchase price that is 10% higher than the official market rate.

The offer was submitted indefinitely, although the company said that it will terminate in accordance with its policy and its intended capacity, the offer without prior notice, once the sales target had been reached.

Miners Center Inc. was established in July 2014 of the former Bank professional Emilian Tourey which in view of technological innovation recognized the possibilities and future of the financial markets and put on the future potential of cryptocurrency. ‘Ultimately, it will evolve in the financial system to the dominant trend and we are no longer far away from this point. It is only by a few years, ‘said Emilian Tourey, CEO of the company.

The company began as a presenter investor and buyer of cryptocurrency, after recognizing the great business potential in the development of alternative currency markets. However, the company pursues to this day a conservative approach in order not to jeopardize the business by incalculable risks.

Miners Center makes ongoing negotiations to develop for the first Institute for the Bitcoin currency exchange and to support several of the most important online retailer of consumer goods, increasingly interested in the adoption of Bitcoin and the corresponding guidelines. In addition, one is in the final phase of negotiations with a major online casino, which also wants to introduce Bitcoin for its operations.

As part of these initiatives Miner Center has developed a purchasing strategy that aims to bring together in a pool all sellers who wish to benefit from the recent listing of the company and are willing to share their bitcoins to sell at the best available market offer.

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