Mining hardware from Walmart?

Mining hardware from walmartThe times when only nerds heard about Bitcoin were over. Nowadays nearly everyone could buy or mine bitcoins and make money with the crypto-currency. News about Bitcoin are everywhere and the people are informed about chances and risks. But if Bitcoin goes mainstream, there are a lot of people and companys who want to make profit with beginners. And they make offers, which looks simply wonderful at the first moment – but in fact they are nothing more than a black hole for your money.

Walmart, the big supermarket chain, have an offer to new Bitcoin miners in these days. For only $299,99 yout can buy miner hardware – with a 10 GH/s Processor. For people who don’t have experience in mining, this offer sounds great. It seems to be a low-priced access to the world of mining and Bitcoin. But it isn’t.

10 GH/s are nothing if you want to begin with mining. To achieve success, you will need much more power then the offered 10 GH/s. But the people, who don’t know this fact, will buy the mining hardware and will be disappointed when they can’t make money with it. And only very few will understand, that the hardware is the sticking point. Much more will think that Bitcoin is a big bubble which will burning real money.

Too bad because in these days, where Bitcoin made a step to mainstream, it’s so important to build confidence.

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