Mining Monitor for Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies

Mining Monitor for Bitcoin and other crypto-currenciesEveryone who mines Bitcoin and/or other crypto-currencies like Dodgecoin, Litecoin and so on want to have an overview. How many coins were mined in one day, how are the earnings per day? There are many questions. And with a mining monitor these questions and many more get an answer. Bitmon ist a mining monitor, which started as a personal monitoring application for the hobby of a developer. Now it’s a free tool with APIs for almost anything.

Bitmon comes along with nice features for miners. There are insightful graphs with balance and worker data from nining pools that give a great overview. With detailed earning reports miners are able to define when they want to rececie their personal earning report. Worker notifications alert the miner via email as soon as a worker is below the threshold.

Bitmon have many more features for everyone who mines Bitcoin and other crypto-currency and make it much easier to get an overview of all important informations. “Bitmon is currently free and will stay free as long as possible” the developer Zortje wrote on the page. But everyone who want can also make a donation to support the service.

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