Mining Pool donates to high transaction fee

As reported some time ago, 291 Bitcoin transaction fee a user had probably inadvertently settled a transaction. The Mining Pool Bitclub wanted to repay that, but now donates half the money.

Calling the Bitcoin mining pool Bitclub to the author of a Bitcoin transaction with completely excessive fee has apparently faded away without reaction. Bitclub had originally promised to repay the 291 Bitcoin (the equivalent of approximately 120,000 Euros), an author should report within one week and can be verified. Now 146 Bitcoin thereof flowed as donation to the lobby group Bitcoin Foundation, a spokesman for the Association of the service Coindesk confirmed.

Bitclub had arranged with his call late April for extensive media coverage. were transmitting in the transaction only 0.0001 Bitcoin, a small cent amount. About the use of the remaining 145 Bitcoin Bitclub did not specify. However, there is the pool of course free to have the fee paid will.

The transaction fees are a currently a voluntary mechanism in Bitcoin. You go to the miner who submit transmitted to the network operations in a new frame of distributed accounting file blockchain and validate it. It allows users to set an incentive preferable to process their transaction.

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