Monero instead of Bitcoin?

Alphabay has after the end of Agora, established as main darknet trading platform, especially for weapons and drugs. Previously, you could only pay with Bitcoins, now also supporting Monero is implemented. From September you will be using this virtual currency can pay there as write the Alphabay operators on

An important difference between known crypto currency: If paying with Monero is for each transaction generates a new wallet address. Bitcoin uses often an address for multiple transactions, which significantly simplifies tracing using the publicly available block chain. If you have no corresponding private key, the transactions on the Monero block chain are not publicly available.

Although the transaction volume of Monero is growing strongly, the user base is still relatively small. That is likely to change by the deal with the Alphabay-makers, large transactions are likely so soon lost in the crowd. The minds behind Alphabay suspected in Russia. Who is behind Monero, is also unknown. The currency is based on a protocol called crypto note. As head behind someone occurs with the pseudonym Nicolas van Saberhagen. A corresponding whitepaper was published 2012 Design.

Some member of the Bitcoin community should welcome Alphabays support Monero. Because if a currency established when criminals, this is likely to help Bitcoin. The most important crypto currency had known also repeatedly struggling with fraud, keyword: Mt. Gox.

By nature, with announcements from the darknet corner is caution, because too many have turned out to be hot air. This applies not only for the promise of security, but also for market penetration. One thinks of Dash, once known as Darkcoin. 2014 was the Crypto-currency much attention because it was supported by some smaller darknet marketplaces. A large but has not traced until today.

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