Mozilla accept Bitcoin donations


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More and more non profit organizations spot the benefits of accepting crypto-currencies for donations. The main reason for accepting Bitcoin and Altcoins is the fact that their are no transaction fees to pay. And now Mozilla, the Firefox open source software, accept Bitcoins, too. Therewith they get in line with organizations like Greenpeace and Wikipedia which also accept Bitcoin donations since the last month.

Accepting Bitcoin was not an easy arbitation for Mozilla. Vice president Geoffrey McDougall said that the new Mozilla donation site is the result of a long intern process where many questions about the safety and compliance of Bitcoin had to be claryfied. As a big organization they have to clear all pending questions and that could take some time.

The announcement of accepting Bitcoin now for donations took place in a Reddit message where users take the question why Mozilla doesn’t accept Bitcoin yet. McDougall post subsequently the link to the new donation site. Mozilla work together with Coinbase to conclude the crypto-currency payments.

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