Mt. Gox allow refund requests

photo credit: antanacoinsUsers of the more than a year closed Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox can now collect lost deposits for claims. According to bankruptcy trustee Nobuaki Kobayashi a form is available therefore. And it can also be completed online. For the settlement Kobayashi won another stock exchange, Kraken. If a request from a Mt. Gox user be granted the Bitcoin amount is posted in a wallet for Kraken. It is still unclear whether offline applicant shall receive cash or Bitcoin.

For bankruptcy documents according to the request an exchange rate of $483 per Bitcoin is used. While this is significantly more than the current price of below $240, but far less than the 700 to 800 Dollars, which was worth a Bitcoin at the time of the collapse of Mt. Gox. Applications can be submitted until May, 29. Not later than September 9, will then stand firm who owns what compensation.

Basis of the pending compensation are 200,000 bitcoins, the Mt. Gox had recovered after his trading halt. In addition, claims from the assets of Mt. Gox may be settled. For a sale of the entire company should find no buyer.

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