Mulvaney praises Bitcoin in his speech

Bitcoin enthusiasts are not exactly the biggest fans of the Federal Reserve. Some people go so far and push all the problems of the US economy to the banknote. Mick Mulvaney, Trumps Financial Head, is one of such strict views. Interestingly, he is also the founder of the Bitcoin committee committee. When a new deputy for the budget was elected, Trump met a surprising choice. Up to this moment, Mick Mulvaney was considered only a few candidates. However, you see and see, Trump saw Malvauney as the right one for this job, even though his methods left a little to be desired. One thing is already clear: Mulvaney is not the largest fan of the Federal Reserve.

In fact, he recently told the Federal Reserve, saying that it has reduced the value of the US dollar. To understand his statement somewhat better: the US dollar and the euro have almost reached a balance. This is a big loss for the US dollar, although it was generally good for him in 2016. However, if both currencies reach equilibrium, some things on the financial markets might quickly get out of hand.

Mulvaney also explained how the FED “strangled economic growth”. If you look at how interest rates have risen for the second time this year, such a statement seems rather unusual. And yet, the financial system is filled with manipulation and growth or decline is only a question of political agendas. But the most interesting part still comes. During his speech before the John Birch Society, he praised Bitcoin for his “immutability”. In addition, he explained that Bitcoin can not be manipulated by any government. A strong statement, however, would not be expected from the President’s budget.

It is obvious that Mick Mulvaney has been the most striking player in Trumps Bar so far. Having a Bitcoin fan right next to the next US president might reveal an interesting future. It is impossible to say what this really means for Bitcoin. But one thing is certain: these are very interesting times for Bitcoin.

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