Needham Report sees rise of Bitcoin course

How Bitcoin makes on the market and what we can from the digital currency expected in the near future? A recent assessment of the Needham Report draws conclusions from all possible scenarios that could of known cryptocurrency happen. It presents a view of the throw to report, and it is already clear that the digital currency is on the right track.

According to the report, the acceptance rate of Bitcoin is better than all previous expectations. With the increased demand, the estimate of the price of the digital currency is also getting better. The Needham Report downgraded its view of the future of $ 655 to $ 848 per Bitcoin. This improvement in the Bitcoin forecast, but shown not in the investments and derivatives of the digital currency as GBTC or other ETFs. Basic difference between Bitcoin and its derivatives forced to change the rating for GBTC from BUY to HOLD the report to.

While there are several reasons why the rating for GBTC might fall, but the most significant is the concern about the scalability of the Bitcoin protocol. The block size debate is probably the longest dispute in the world. It is already more than a year has passed since then, parts of the community have made ready for combat, to find generally accepted solutions for the scalability of the protocol. So far without much success. Small groups of developers have met several times to introduce several innovative improvements of Block Chain. Some of their suggestions have met with limited success. Mostly, however, to one or the other group work have ceased abruptly again.

The Needham report deals in its own section with the scaling problems on digital currencies. The report seems to have the same opinion as the Bitcoin Core developers who want to implement more of a second layer, as a Hard Fork increases the blocksize.

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