Netflix open to Bitcoin?

During the 2016 Internet, Media and Telecommunications Conference on January 06, came for the Netflix CFO David Wells also the subject of Bitcoin on the table. Here he was asked about the teething problems of payment services in Latin America. Wells noted that Netflix currently has to adapt to the circumstances and will fall back on the knowledge gained from the integration in Europe. He also pointed to the current revolution in the payments industry and said, Bitcoin could be the solution to some of the current problems.

Wells said: “We have to wait where we stand with regard to the payment solutions in 10-15 years, because most countries still hold strictly to its own monetary policy firmly. Nevertheless, it would be nice to be able to use Bitcoin as an international means of payment at the global level soon.”

Although Wells not directly speak of a Bitcoin integration, so it seems very obvious that Netflix has been busy with the theme of Bitcoin payment option.

Netflix was previously not prepared to official opinion.

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