New 16nm Bitcoin ASIC

credit: IMG_0411

credit: IMG_0411

The Swedish mining company KnCMiner now turns to a new Bitcoin ASIC and speaks of a fundamental change for the industry. The 16nm Solar was first announced last November and is six times faster than the 28nm predecessor of the company. In contrast to “flat” conventional chips its components are three-dimensionally arranged to increase the efficiency and processing power.

While mining companies jostling for economies of scale, is in a period of declining profitability and profit margins, the efficiency of the utmost importance. KnCMiner focusing its operations in the Arctic Circle on locally available hydro besides air below freezing at the ecological footprint and the company’s costs to be kept low. The company says that the “environmentally friendly” chip with a power of 0.07 W / GHS is the efficiency of the industrial mining between six and eight times increase. Contrary to concerns about the centralization of mining the company said that its increased hashing Power will start the general Hashrate higher and will strengthen the network as a whole.

KnCMiner, which has taken a 15mio. $ B series in February, has also announced details of a new mining plant in Boden, Northern Sweden. The nearly 1700m² warehouse – which is about the size of four basketball courts – should go into operation in September.

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