New field of study: Bitcoin Engeneering

The Stanford University is making headlines with a new field of study: Since the January 4, 2016, you can study at Stanford “Bitcoin Engineering”. The subject is a modification from the program “Cryptocurrencies, the blockchain, and Smart Contracts” This course gives them a sense of what can make Bitcoin. It is not about the financial aspect, not about buying and selling. It’s about Bitcoins as a protocol. In contrast to the already offered crypto-currencies course it should go in the new compartment also about developing your own Bitcoin-based Internet systems.

What all students studying engineering Bitcoin make, is the weekly Hackathon: Students receive code templates, in which the basics of Bitcoin development are given. They then have one week to adapt this code and improve constantly. After this week the code is delivered and assessed by other students. The enrollments have doubled since last semester. On the first day of the course 83 students were present. Each student receives a 21 Bitcoin Computer (21BC). This Developer Kit will enable the entry into the Bitcoin development. By simplifying student can collect the first experiences 21BC and boarding without prior experience. According to Stanford University, 75% of students do not have any Bitcoin experiences.

Srinivasan and Boneh from Stanford want to fulfill the huge demand of the degree program: Unfortunately, the offer is very limited, so that not all interested Stanford students can participate. For this reason it is considered, where appropriate, the end of the year to introduce an online course on which all those interested can enroll. This would make it possible worldwide to take part course on Bitcoin Engineering.

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