OpenCart Plugin for Shop Integration

The European payment processor announced that it has developed a plugin for online shops based on OpenCart. For online shops in the future it’s possible to accepat Bitcoin payments with just a few clicks and minimal effort. OpenCart is a software for providing to online shops, which can be extended by so-called third-party plugins. With the plugin from BitcoinPay the shopowner can accept Bitcoin payments by a default installation shortly quite simple.

Meanwhile the market of Bitcoin payment providers is highly competitive. The industry giant BitPay leads to the top of Payment liquidator and is already integrated into many sites. BitcoinPay is following (even in its name) a very similar concept. Companies can integrate the payment options by Bitpay or BitcoinPay and thus offer their customers new opportunities. At the same time Bitcoins will be exchanged directly in the local currency (with most providers).

Bitcoin Pay pursued the ambition that everyone can accept payments shortly and cheaply Bitcoin. The new plugin is a further step to specifically reach the e-commerce market by offering a complete solution for store systems. Simultaneously, the Startup called Bitcoin the best currency in the world with a transaction fee of 0.8%, without cancellation risk and with daily payouts. Dealers should Bitcoin payments currently can swap in the following Fiat Currencies: Euro, Dollar, Czech Koruna and Polish Zloty.

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