Overstock.com emits first blockchain bond

blockchain b├ÂrseExperts see great potential for the Bitcoin technology – not only as a payment method, but also for the far-consuming settlement of securities transactions. The online retailer Overstock.com tried it now in practice.

The noted online retailer Overstock.com continues his crusade against the established financial system: After he accepted as the first major vendors payment in Bitcoins, he brought now a bond based on the blockchain technology from Bitcoin out. Other issues of this kind may follow, reports Technology Review.

The Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne has created in the past on several occasions with the financial establishment and would like to make it entirely unnecessary if possible. In the fall of 2014 he took a wiki into operation to prepare the issuing and trading of securities using Bitcoin technique, later he notified the US Securities and Exchange Commission, the issue of shares “on a cryptographically secured distributed register system” to – a Art Bitcoin IPO so. The floating rate note issue now appears to be an intermediate step in this direction: it has only a volume of 25 million dollars and marketing is only to professional investors.

According to Byrne, the emission of its crypto-bond was a success – five investors had offered to draw the entire volume. Next, he wants to offer another bond with a volume of up to 200 million dollars, for which he hoped for a lower interest rate. The now issued bond has a fixed interest rate of 6.5 percent over five years, which may increase depending on the sales performance of Overstock up to 7 percent.

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