Pay your Budwiser with Bitcoin!

Pay your Budwiser with Bitcoin

photo credit: Robert S. Donovan

What have Bitcoin, Budwise and music festivals in common? In a summer concert series it all come together! As Coinbase wrote in their blog, they have a partnership with Budwiser’s Made in America concert series and make it possible to pay with Bitcoin for a Budwiser at the flagship festivals in Philly and L. A. Both of the events using the Coinbase Merchant Android App with a simple point-of-sale experience.



Coinbase wrote at their blog:

Budweiser first introduced its product more than a century ago, and has grown to become one of the most trusted brands in the world. We are excited to provide Budweiser an innovative way to connect with a more progressive, tech-savvy segment of its customer base. By associating its brand with Coinbase, Budweiser has become the largest brand in the entertainment and events space to do so, following sports teams such as the Sacramento Kings and San Jose Earthquakes. Heavyweights in the music industry like Nas have also emerged as staunch advocates of bitcoin’s potential. As more individuals and businesses from the music, film, sports and general entertainment industries align their brands with bitcoin, they’ll look toward early adopters such as Budweiser as pioneers in the space.

Budweiser Made in America will take place in Philadelphia and Los Angeles on Labor Day weekend, August 30-31

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