Do the people know Bitcoin?

photo credit: zcopley

photo credit: zcopley

Bitcoin is no longer a topic for nerds and investors. The daily press take up an issue on Bitcoin and more and more online and offline stores accept payments via Bitcoin. So Bitcoin arrived in the everyday life, right? No! For all of us who are informed about all evolutions it’s not easy to understand that most of the people have no clue about crypto-currencies at all.

In fact more than half of the Americans have no idea what Bitcoin is. Coin Center, a Bitcoin organization, conducted a survey using Google Consumer Surveys and the result is that 65% of respondents are not familar with Bitcoin. And those who are familiar with Bitcoin, consistently over 80 % have never actually used it.

The survey shows that it’s a long way before people using Bitcoin quite natural in everyday life. So it’s important to go out and speak about crypto-currencies and the possibilities of the technology behind it. It’s important to gain trust and show how Bitcoin could make life easier.

There is much work to do. And it will take a few more years before there are more people who called themselve familiar with Bitcoin or other crypto-currencies.

All results of the survey here!

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