People who like Bitcon also like…

YouGov published a new profile about people who like Bitcoin in UK. They want to show what defferentiates people who like Bitcoin from their comparison set. Even the profile is for Bitcoin users in UK there are a few interesting things to see that apply all over the world. So it’s no secret that the most Bitcoin users are working in the IT-Business. But who knew that they like to wear clothes from Hugo Boss? This and more interesting or funny things are shown in the profile.

The typically Bitcoin user in UK is male, between 25 and 39 years old and live in Central Scotland. His political views tend light to the left and if he doesn’t work in the IT business, he could work in media and publishing. His hobbies are computer programming, watching movies on television and using the internet. And he like supberbike racing and Nascar.

To entertain himself, the typically Bitcoin user watch moviels like Dune, The Wolf of Wallstreet or Sex Tape. His favourite tv shows are Breaking Bad, Tob Gear and The Inbetweeners. In his browser history you will find sites like, and and on Facebook he like the sites from Fallout, Steam and Valve.

More facts about the typically Bitcoin user are shown here!

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