Pey 3D-printed Bitcoin Payment Terminals

PEY 3D-printed Bitcoin payment terminalPaying with Bitcoin should be easier for customers – with this inspiration Ricardo Ferrer Rivero developed a working prototype of a 3D-printed Bitcoin payment terminal. PEY terminals using the iBeacon technology. Users who have installed the PEY app on their phones, will receive a notification when a local retailer accepts Bitcoin for payment. And with this idea Rivero convinced twelve retailers in Hanover, Germany, accepting Bitcoin. Amongst them are a supermarket, a hair salon and a pub.

Ricardo Ferrer Rivero is giving the PEY terminals and the software away for free and so far nearly 40 addtional locations are expectet to receive the terminals to start accepting Bitcoin. Rivero’s first goal is to grow to 100 merchants.¬†And so far, Rivero currently charge no fee for the system, because he think, his team is a hardware company. They gibt the system to people and wants to learn from it.

For now PEY terminals based on an Android phone as its processor. In the near future Rivero will replace it with a Rasperry Pi. Rivero shows with the PEY terminal how easy it could be to use Bitcoin for payment – for merchants and for customers. Using a 3D-printer for the terminal is a great and forward-looking idea!

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