PokerStars: Accepting Bitcoin is not on our roadmap

More and more online poker sites use Bitcoin

credit: JohnSeb

In January we wrote about BitnPlay which will go online with a Bitcoin-only platform in spring. Withal we wrote about the roumors, that PokerStars have something like this in mind, too. Now PokerStars denied the rumours about the Bitcoin acceptance. They said: PokerStars has no immediate plans to implement Bitcoin, and it is not on our development roadmap”.

PokerStars is the world largest online poker site and will reviewing its position and that continue to monitor the situation. Also the veracity of many reports which said that PokerStars is finalising bitcoin integration (reported from an unnamed company insider) were denied. So BitnPlay will be the first Bitcoin-only online poker platform this spring.

In spite of it all it would be nice if PokerStars reconsiders the strategy and take a deeper look at Bitcoins and the possibilities of crypto-currencies. With more than 50 million members it could be one of the largest companies to accept Bitcoin.

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