Poland calls for EU-wide Bitcoin regulation

Poland’s Ministry of Finance commented on Bitcoin and says that digital currencies due to the transboundary characteristics at EU level should be regulated. The written statement was written on request from the two parliamentary members (MPs) Jan Warzecha and Bogdan Rzonca.

In the inquiry wrote the two MPs that “piracy, cybercrime, thefts, hacking of online accounts and the attacks on owners of digital currencies steadily increase.” The facts should have multiplied 2004-2014 from 404 to more than 22,000 cases. Because of this, the two leaders asked for the Ministry, whether there are already plans for the regulation of digital currencies.

The Ministry denied the question and laid open is that there are currently no plans to regulate Bitcoin or other digital currencies. In addition to the indication that the Bitcoin-regulation should take place at EU level, the institution said that the Treasury Department will monitor, in cooperation with the tax authorities the issue further.

In the request to the Ministry, the two MPs wanted to know whether there are already known cases of Bitcoin money laundering in Poland as well. The tax authority said that ‘no cases are known to this day’, have been used in the crypto currency for money laundering or the financing of terrorism.

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