Rumor denied: Overstock continues Bitcoin payment

Last week was the rumor circulating that the online retailer Overstock accept no more Bitcoins as payment. But this is not the case, because it is still possible on the homepage to make its purchases via Bitcoin and here is the future to remain so. Also has been officially confirmed by Judd Bagley that Bitcoin will continue as a payment method at Overstock. With Overstock everything can be purchased possible via Bitcoin (furniture, clocks, jewelry and clothes).

The rumor came to the boil as a Redditor posted a screenshot of a conversation between him and an employee. This has been provided to the Redditor from “a friend”. The statement in itself is questionable.

Understandably, this has triggered the first time panic within the community because Overstock is a large group and is both a showcase for other companies that do not yet dare to date to integrate the digital currency as a payment method. As mentioned, Judd Bagley, the communications manager at Overstock, in a Twitter-Tweet officially confirmed that the company had no plans to remove Bitcoin as a payment option. Overstock counts as an important representative of digital currency, as the company experimented even with the blockchain and the future possibilities of crypto currency.

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