Russia on the way to legalize Bitcoin?

Legalizing Bitcoin is a big step for many countries and the most of them back away from the risks. But the Bank of Russia has signaled it’s ready to legalize Bitcoin, the world’s first mainstream crypto-currency. In spite of the big risks and setbacks that Bitcoin has to stand. But it seems the russians prefer to regulate it – and even collect tax.

Georgy Luntovsky, the Bank of Russia’s Deputy Chairman said on Wendnesday at the annual International Banking Congress in St. Petersburg:

“We advocate a careful approach to bitcoin and are monitoring the situation along with the Bank for International Settlements. One can’t ignore this instrument, maybe this is the future. 

He also said that the Central Bank of Russia studied Bitcoin together with the government. Still in February, Russia’s Prosecutor General’s Office issued a ban against any sort oft monetary substitute for the ruble. So Luntovsky contrast with the previous stance towards Bitcoin.

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