Satoshi Nakamoto nominated for Economics Nobel Prize

So far, no one knows who is behind the Bitcoin inventors Satoshi Nakamoto. A US professor has nominated this phantom nevertheless for the Alfred Nobel Memorial Prize for Economics often referred to as Economics Nobel Prize.

Bitcoin inventors Satoshi Nakamoto has been nominated in 2016 for Alfred Nobel Memorial Prize for Economics often called the Nobel Prize In Economics. Behind the nomination is the US economy Professor Bhagwan Chowdhry, who teaches in Los Angeles at the University of California and was invited by the Prize Committee to propose a candidate. Chowdhry explained his choice in a blog post on the Huffington Post with the groundbreaking potential of cryptocurrency.

This based on a P2P network digital money is revolutionary and offers numerous advantages over physical cash. It was safe, among other things, was leaving to virtually uncrackable cryptography and can be transferred almost instantaneously around the world, past governments, banks and intermediaries such as Visa and Paypal. Result would be to save an enormous amount of transaction costs, according to Chowdhry. On issues such as scalability of Bitcoin networks its contribution does not enter. Instead, it refers to developments based on the Bitcoin protocol as Stellar or Ethereum which accounted for about blockchain based contracts possible and could make the financial world upside down.

May nominate candidates for the prize alongside the so invited professors and members of the Swedish Academy of Sciences and of the prize committee, also previous winners and economics professors from the Scandinavian countries. So to further candidates there should be no shortage. On top of that date is not known who is behind the pseudonym Nakamotos actually hides. With other Bitcoinern he or she always encrypted communication and in 2011 from the development of Bitcoin completely withdrawn. The true identity has always rise to speculation and also to journalistic thriller stories. Also Nakamotos publication list takes manageable from – a 9-page paper that the technique of Bitcoins explained. That might win the prize, such a phantom, sounds quite unlikely.

Chowdhry commented the relish and offers in the case of the case, accept the award as a deputy. The acceptance speech can be transmitted via encrypted channels and digitally signed to him Nakamoto. In awarding the prize money Chowdhry recommends to exchange the Swedish krona in Bitcoins and send it to the address 1HLoD9E4SDFFPDiYfNYnkBLQ85Y51J3Zb1 whose private key is most likely owned Nakamotos. With the agreement of the prize winner can the money on its own Bitcoin address, offers to Chowdhry – he and Mr. Nakamoto would the “regulate later” then.

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