SegWit code comes with Core Update

The upcoming Bitcoin Core Update 0.13.0 contains the long-awaited SegWit code which can later be activated on the Bitcoin block chain to scale the transaction capacity. The well-considered the most valuable change in the 0.13.0 version will not be activated directly at the beginning. However, it is likely that this will be the next step in version 0.13.1. The software update with the Segregated Witness Code is expected in the coming weeks.

Even if the feature has been tested in the past, very extensively through its paces, the developers want the test phase “democratize” and activate the code in Bitcoin Testnet. Here then are as many developers to check the code and try it for yourself and then to report possible bugs or other abnormalities. By integrating the code into the 0.13.0 version, the developers promise a smooth and safe activation in the subsequent release.

As part of the page December prevailing blocksize debate could then be crystallized SegWit as the solution that does not rely on an increase in the Block Size, but rather on the amount of data contained in each individual block. Thus, the volume of transactions can considerably enlarged and a continuous flow of transactions to be guaranteed.

The SegWit update is finally activated by a soft Fork, where the majority of the worldwide spread nodes must perform a software update. Only in this way compatibility is assured with older versions.

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