Supermarket accept Bitcoin

The Netherlands seem to be very Bitcoin-friendly. After we wrote about the plans to make Amsterdam to the Bitcoin world capital, there are another great news from the european country: In Arnhem, another very Bitcoin-friendly dutch city, the first supermarket accept Bitcoin for payment. The “Spar Market” near the central station and the city center offers all kind of consumer good you need for your daily life and is a part of franchise with more than 12,500 stores, mostly in Europe. So perhaps accepting Bitcoin could be a pilot project for other Spar markets.

Arnhem ist one of the largest cities in the Netherland with many Bitcoin projects. So the people in Arnhem call their city “the Bitcoin City” and do a lot to integrate the crypto-currency in their life. The fact that a supermarket accept Bitcoin now is a great step for living with Bitcoin in every condition of life. So far it was possible to buy flights or IT Hardware online with the crypto-currency Bitcoin. But using it for buying your daily milk, bread or vegetables is something else entirely!

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