Swiss town accept Bitcoin

The first town in Swiss (Zug) accepts from July 1, the crypto-currency Bitcoin as payment. The pilot project of the city government is initially limited to services the residents of the city Zug up to a value of francs 200th. As is stated in a communication from the city, is to be evaluated by the end of the year if Bitcoin is actually used. Then wanted the city council to decide whether Bitcoins and most other digital currencies are to be accepted as payment for other urban services in the future.

An alternative would be “Ether”, the crypto-currency with the second highest after Bitcoin market capitalization. Ether is the cash the Ethereum Foundation. The start-up of founder Vitalik Buterin is one of the more than 15 companies that have settled in the “Crypto Valley Zug”.

With the start-up of the city council wants to join in the dialogue. “We will invite to exchange ideas with the City Council Fintech companies in the region Zug. Our goal is to meet their needs for optimal development in our living and economic environment more precisely “to mayor Dolfi Müller can quote in the release.

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