T-Mobile Poland: 20% Discount for Bitcoin Purchases

T-Mobile Poland, one of the largest mobile operators, offers customers a 20 percent discount for Bitcoin purchases in a test. In cooperation with the Warsaw-baced Bitcoin Payment processor InPay, T-Mobile Poland is the first telecommunication company which tests Bitcoin payments. Customers who want to pay with Bitcoin, have to visit the InPay mobile top-up website andcan choose between a variety of phone credits. Is an amount selected, a QR code and Bitcoin adress will be showed. A one-time code will unlock the phone credits after paying.

The Bitcoin test is a big step for T-Mobile Poland but it can be a great success, too. Poland has a large number of Bitcoin users and businesses and it’s growing day by day. With several Bitcoin exchanges and an active community its an interesting market in Eastern Europe. InPay launched 1014 and has drastically grown the number of bitcoin accepting merchants in Poland. So the cooperation is forward-looking for both companies.

Nearly 15,7 million customers of T-Mobile Poland could benefit from the test and InPay CEO Lech Wilcynski consider that not only the discount is a benefit, but also the privacy (no personal informations required) and the speed of the service. For now the partnership between T-Mobile Poland an InPay run for three months but all particpants hope that the customers will accept the new payment method.

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