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Do you know VeriCoin?

Vericoin altcoin

There are many altcoins out there. Some of them are boring, some of them are funny and some are interesting. We would like to intodruce the variety of crypto-currencies to you and take a look at some altcoins and there

Oh shit! Send poop in a box for Bitcoin

Start-up ShitExpress

The internet combined with the human fantasy could produce strange effects. The result of this shows a new start-up called ShitExpress. And here the name says it all. Just imagine there is a person, you don’t like or you hate.

Cheapair accept Altcoins for booking!

Cheapair accept Dogecoin and Litecoin as payment method

Since November 2013 Cheapair, a booking platform for flights and more, accept Bitcoin as a payment method. They started with accepting the crypto-currency for booking flights and expand shortly afterwards with accepting Bitcoin for hotel booking and train tickets. Accepting

Realcoin – a new dollar-backed digital currency

dollar-backed digital currency

In the wave of so-called Bitcoin 2.0 ventures, a startup based in Santa Monica produced the first digital currency, which is dollar-backed. With their Realcoins (so they named their currency) the startup have the right to release them for U. S.

Tipdoge: Give a tip via Twitter

Give a dogecoin tip via twitter

With services like flattr it is possible to give a tip on a blog or something like this. It shows that you will support the blogger or that you are thankful for an information you get. But what’s about all

Beginners guide: An altcoin definition

Beginners Guide: Definition Altcoins

If you are interested in crypto-currencies you have to struggle with many terms in the beginning. Beside Bitcoin other terms like Litecoin, Dogecoin, Namecoin and many others could be confusing. All the coins beside Bitcoin often summarized as Altcoins –