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Santander Bank is planning block chain competition


The $ 100 million funding pot strong Santander Innoventures for venture capital investments in Fintech Startups want to organize a block chain competition. Santander Innoventures cooperates with startup agency OneVest to offer the so-called Distributed Ledger (DL) Challenge (dt .:

American Express invest in Bitcoin

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In the world of Bitcoin, it always comes back to surprises. So could be heard on several occasions in recent weeks that banks have increasingly interested in the crypto currency and the technology behind it. And now also the first

Scientists want to make blockchain safer

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What scientists as entrepreneurs fascinated on Bitcoin, is the real innovation behind it: the blockchain – a kind of official online booking system in which from the beginning every Bitcoin transaction is recorded. Not least because of the data structure,

Large banks are planning joint deployment of blockchain technology

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Nine of the largest investment banks in the world are planning to develop a common standard based on the block chain. Thus, the technology behind the cryptocurrency Bitcoin could soon have a huge impact on the international financial business. The

Blockchain technology could secure digital rights

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Is something once on the Internet, then the impact on what happens to it is relatively low. A Berlin-based start-up wants to solve the problem with the blockchain technology, because that can do more than just manage digital money. The

First major banks welcome Bitcoin

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Because of fears, Bitcoin could damage the traditional financial system, the major banks have initially understandably rebelled against the digital currency and their skepticism manifested publicly. Also the slowly burgeoning interest of banks is less than the Bitcoin currency, but

Overstock.com emits first blockchain bond

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Experts see great potential for the Bitcoin technology – not only as a payment method, but also for the far-consuming settlement of securities transactions. The online retailer Overstock.com tried it now in practice. The noted online retailer Overstock.com continues his

Santander interested in Bitcoin

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Many banks are technologically still in the Stone Age. Santander now wants to take the plunge into the digital modernity. Bitcoin is to help her. Banks seem to have slept through the digital revolution really. Especially in the “struggle for

Rumors: IBM will adopt bitcoin technology for major currencies

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As Reuters reported, IMB would like to adopting the blockchain technology, which is behind Bitcoin, to create a payment system for major currencies. The system would allow people to transfer their money or make instantly payments without a bank or

Blockchain: More than 3 mil. bitcoin wallets


In these times, where the media write about the doom of Bitcoin, good news are worthwhile. And so Blockchain, host for Bitcoin wallets, have a really great reason to celebrate: Quite recently the 3 millionth wallet was opened at the