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Changetip now supports Facebook


We talk about Changetip, a microtransaction startup, for several times and are enthusiastic about the possibilities the service affords. Now Changetip makes the next big step and allows people to send tips over Facebook. So Changetip could not only be

ChangeTip has announced $3.5 m in seed funding


It seems that ChangeTip, a social tipping startup, has the finger on the pulse. After a great media coverage they now announced $3.5 m in seed funding. Pantera Capital led the seed round with other participants like Bold Start Ventures

Are you already tipping?

It's important to say thank you with a tip

In restaurants, hair salons and in the taxi it’s for the most people semi-normal to give a tip for the received service or effort. But what about all the great things we use online everyday? What about the author of