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The state of digital money

the state of digital money

The future of currency and financial activities in a developing global economy is the topic of “The State Of Digital Money”, an event in Los Angeles on April 18th, 2015. Crypto-currencies like Bitcoin and others are challenging the entire global

79 % of US-companies plan Bitcoin integration

Report about the relevance of crypto-currencies

High-tech giant HP had commissioned a study about crypto-currencies by Ponemon Instituts and get back a report with very good news. The report indicates that crypto-currencies like Bitcoin are an inherent part of the long-term strategy of many US-companies.79 %

Bitcoin Job Fair in New York City

Bitcoin Job Fair

If you are looking for a job in aspiring companies or are you an owner of a company which work in the Bitcoin industry? Than you have to join the Bitcoin Job Fair in New York City on Saturday, June

Mining Monitor for Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies

Mining Monitor for Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies

Everyone who mines Bitcoin and/or other crypto-currencies like Dodgecoin, Litecoin and so on want to have an overview. How many coins were mined in one day, how are the earnings per day? There are many questions. And with a mining

“I believe in digital currencies but not in Bitcoin”

Jared Cohen, Director of Ideas for Google spoke about digital currencies on the South by Southwest Conference in Austin this days. In his opinion currencies like Bitcoin were┬áinevitable in our digital world. But he don’t believe in the future of