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Bitstamp: More than $5 million were stolen

Bitstamp: hackers have stolen more than $5 million

Another bad news in the new year: Bitstamp, a Bitcoin exchange, has frozen accounts and transactions after fraudsters made off with 19,000 Bitcoins. The company that is based in Slovenia said yesterday that they didn’t find out who has stolen

Cannabis Road offline after hack

Cannabis Road was hacked

Since today the black market Cannabis Road is offline. As a message from the lead developer “Crypto” shows, the online market place suffering from an hack attack. About $100,000 or to be exact 200 Bitcoin were stolen. And yet Crypto

500 million Dogecoin mined with NAS hack

200 million dogecoins were mined with a nas hack

It’s unbeliveable but true: A hacker mines 500 million Dogecoin by hacking into NAS boxes manufactured by Synology! The Dogecoins┬áhave a worth of USD 200,000! With a botnet of infected devices the hacker combined the power of the computing power