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Interesting video introduced Litecoin

Charlie Lee is the creator of Litecoin and in August 2014 he held a presentation to introduce Litecoin. From the idea right up to mining he told about everything that is important to know. For everyone, who ist interested in

GoCoin brings Altcoin to Shopify

photo credit: btckeychain

With Shopify, the e-commerce platform, it’s possible to buy goods with Bitcoin for some time past. Now, in cooperation with GoCoin, it’s possible to pay with Altcoins (Litecoin and Dogecoin), too. The deal was decided a few months ago but

Cheapair accept Altcoins for booking!

Cheapair accept Dogecoin and Litecoin as payment method

Since November 2013 Cheapair, a booking platform for flights and more, accept Bitcoin as a payment method. They started with accepting the crypto-currency for booking flights and expand shortly afterwards with accepting Bitcoin for hotel booking and train tickets. Accepting

Yacuna: a new european Bitcoin exchange started

With Yakuna a new european Bitcoin exchange was started in these days. The international exchange for digital currencies make it possible to take digital financial transactions with the crypto-currencies Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin. Barters from the crypto-currencies into fiat currencies

Yoga and Bitcoin fits together perfectly

yoga studios accpet bitcoin

People who like yoga often talk about the great way to stay in shape and relaxing at the same time. With yoga you can manage mental and physiological health – and that’s important for everyone, also for Bitcoin enthusiasts. Most

Beginners guide: An altcoin definition

Beginners Guide: Definition Altcoins

If you are interested in crypto-currencies you have to struggle with many terms in the beginning. Beside Bitcoin other terms like Litecoin, Dogecoin, Namecoin and many others could be confusing. All the coins beside Bitcoin often summarized as Altcoins –