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Bitmine goes bankrupt


Dubious business with Bitcoin computers headlined a news magazine already in March 2014 on the Ticino company Bitmine. Now Bitmine is broke and has filed for bankruptcy, as the company wrote in an open letter on his website. Bitmine sold

Invalid Bitcoin blocks cause problems

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The makers of the Bitcoin software warn their users against that since July 4, some miners dig invalid blocks. Thanks outdated wallets arises the risk of invalid certificates for users of crypto currency. But there are workarounds. The problem concerns

Video: How to Set Up a Bitcoin Mining Rig

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The best times for mining Bitcoins are over? Perhaps – but it is still a good way to get Bitcoins. When you are interested in mining the crypto-currency, this video could be helpful. It shows, how you can set up

New 16nm Bitcoin ASIC

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The Swedish mining company KnCMiner now turns to a new Bitcoin ASIC and speaks of a fundamental change for the industry. The 16nm Solar was first announced last November and is six times faster than the 28nm predecessor of the

Actions against swiss manufacturer of Bitcoin hardware

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Bitmine is a manufacturer for Bitcoin mining hardware based in Switzerland. Currently, the company is inundated with complaints from customers. The allegation is the swiss company had not delivered the goods ordered and pre-paid and paid no refunds. The alleged

CEX.IO stopped mining


In these days are many news around the Bitcoin scene and the most of them are bad. Falling prices, a Bitstamp hack and other things made it more and more difficult to bethink of the positive aspects of Bitcoin. Particularly

Would mining be cheaper soon?

New chip could make mining less energy-intensive

Germany has a growing Bitcoin scene with motivated startups with good ideas and capable guys. Good premises for interesting projects. Sebastian Kruse, CEO of the german Asicrising GmbH, ist one of the capable guys and is looking for founders to produce

Mining Monitor for Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies

Mining Monitor for Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies

Everyone who mines Bitcoin and/or other crypto-currencies like Dodgecoin, Litecoin and so on want to have an overview. How many coins were mined in one day, how are the earnings per day? There are many questions. And with a mining

Mining hardware from Walmart?

The times when only nerds heard about Bitcoin were over. Nowadays nearly everyone could buy or mine bitcoins and make money with the crypto-currency. News about Bitcoin are everywhere and the people are informed about chances and risks. But if

Take a look at the biggest US Bitcoin mining farm

A look inside the biggest US mining farm

Bitcoin mining becomes more and more difficult – but there are Bitcoin farms which achieve great successes. The US news station KOMO 4 show a report about Bitcoin, the collapse of MT.Gox and visit one of the biggest US Bitcoin