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Boss of Mt Gox remains in custody


In February 2014 the Bitcoin platform Mt. Gox failed, in early August was the French Chef of the platform, Mark Karpeles, who is living in Japan , arrested. He is said to have manipulated data and misappropriated client funds. The

Mt. Gox goes Hollywood?

Mt. Gox goes Hollywood

The story of the rise and the fall of the Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox and its CEO Mark Karpeles could soon find their way to the big screen. The magazine The Hollywood Reporter reported that the Hollywood agency Creative Artist

Mt. Gox allow refund requests

photo credit: antanacoins

Users of the more than a year closed Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox can now collect lost deposits for claims. According to bankruptcy trustee Nobuaki Kobayashi a form is available therefore. And it can also be completed online. For the settlement

Mt. Gox: 200,000 BTC found in wallet

What is a cold storage?

After the Mt. Gox crash many messages were going around the bitcoin community. There were strange statements from the company, frustrated customers and of course many hoaxes from self-appointed investigators who published allegedly documents from the Mt. Gox Servers. Also