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Ingenico allows worldwide payment via Bitcoin

credit: wilhei55

Through a new partnership between Bitpay and Ingenico customers in thousands of shops, use the terminals of Ingenico, can pay with Bitcoins. Having lately rather smaller projects with Bitcoins were realized, however, the banks had raised their hand, now an

Dutchman implanted Bitcoin payment chips in his hands

Dutchman use implant as a payment method

To use the crypto-currency Bitcoin contactless the dutch Martijn Wismeijer, cofounder of MrBitcoin, implanted a microchip in both of his hands. With the experiment he would like to promote the concept of the virtual wallet, Wismeijer said in an interview.

Bitnet gets 14.5 Million USD


The wind of change is blowing in the Bitcoin payment business. Bitnet, a platform to process Bitcoin payments, get venture capital in the amount of 14.5 Million USD to engage in competition with Coinbase and Bitpay. But that’s not all.

New payment partnership: BitPay and Paypal

Including Bitcoin into PayPal was the wish of many users. Today BitPay announced the partnership with PayPal! At first they completed the integration with PayPal’s Payments Hub, which is their alternative payments platform for digital goods. If customers have a Bitcoin

Would you be paid in Bitcoin?

photo credit: zcopley

A growing number of Bitcoin enthusiasts try to integrate Bitcoin more and more into daily life. So it’s not unsual that one or two think about the possibility to be paid in Bitcoin, too. But not every employer offer this

Dell accept Bitcoin as a payment!

Dell accept Bitcoin as payment

After Businesses like Expedia and Overstock.com startet to accept Bitcoin as a payment, the third largest PC seller, Dell, accept Bitcoin, too. So Dell is so far the biggest company which made the move. And Bitcoin is one step closer

With Paymium european merchants could accept Bitcoin now

Using Paymium, European merchants can now accept Euro payments through the Bitcoin network

Accepting Bitcoin payments in Europe is now easier than ever. Paymium is delighted to introduce today its merchant solution to accept payments in Bitcoin with instant conversion to Euro, without fee, for every European merchant. Using this easy-to-setup, easy-to-use solution, merchants can now accept payments

Bitcoin have a big potential in Argentina


Argentina is exposed to fluctuations of currencies because the inflation and the legislation. The trust in the argentine Peso is deranged so the Peso had reached an all-time low in these days. This facts increase the interest in crypto-currencies like