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Bitcoin price explodes


The virtual currency Bitcoin is striking with its veritable comeback: On Wednesday, the price increased by a whopping 25 percent, reaching for the first time since the summer of last year, the mark of US $ 500. This Bitcoin presented

Bitcoin exceeds $ 300 mark


After a steady increase since mid-September the Bitcoin rises on the CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index (BPI) today to $ 300. July 13 was the last time when the Bitcoin price exceeded $ 300 limit. He reached at the time a

A picture paints a thousand words

Ups and downs in the Bitcoin price

The new year is allready there – and with it a new fluctuation of the Bitcoin price. Everybody now analyzes the reasons and what to do in the future. Our New Years resolution is to keep calm and so we

Why does the Bitcoin price is not exploding right now?

Since a few weeks the Bitcoin price didn’t rise up and many users discuss about the reason. Here is a video on which the question “Why does the Bitcoin price is not exploding right now?” was reviewed. Is this the