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Russia is planning its own crypto-currency


A Russian company is planning the following year its own virtual currency to bring to market. The Russian payment service QIWI have already “several hundred million rubles” invested in the development of virtual currency, like CoinTelegraph reported. The currency to

Russian Bitcoin exchange published source code

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In response to the crackdown by the Russian government against Bitcoin and other digital currencies, a Bitcoin exchange now published its own source code in the Bitcoin Talk Forum and at Reddit. The exchange justified the action with that they

Ban of Bitcoin sites in Russia

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Is it the beginning of a ban on using Bitcoin in Russia? The russian telecommunications regulator blocked the access to five Bitcoin sites becaus he think that Bitcoin contributes to the growth of the shadow community. Beside the oil prices

Russia on the way to legalize Bitcoin?


Legalizing Bitcoin is a big step for many countries and the most of them back away from the risks. But the Bank of Russia has signaled it’s ready to legalize Bitcoin, the world’s first mainstream crypto-currency. In spite of┬áthe big